Minghui International 2023 (Box of 100 Copies)

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Letter size, 32 pages, full color

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Health and Well-Being

  • Life and Hope Renewed: Canadian Student Finds New Health and Meaning in Life
  • Hearts and Minds Uplifted: Swedish Musician Gives Up Drugs after Practicing Falun Dafa
  • Enriching Communities Around the World

Upholding Conscience

  • Former Chinese Dictator Dies: The Disastrous Legacy of Jiang Zemin
  • 19 Years for Spreading the Truth: A Harrowing Firsthand Account of Persecution, Imprisonment, and Torture

Hope Amid Turmoil

  • Countering the Persecution: Young Practitioners Advocate for Religious Freedom at International Summit
  • Voices of Support Worldwide
  • Finding Hope in Dafa: Breaking My Smartphone Addiction