Our Story

In the not-too-distant past, parks in China were filled with people of all ages doing slow, gentle exercises accompanied by serene music. They were practicing Falun Dafa.

But as the meditation system grew more popular, the communist government began to monitor them and attack them in state-run media. These were precursors to a campaign of brutal persecution that would start in July 1999 and last to the present day.

Amid the chaos, a group of practitioners saw a need to put together accurate information to let the world know what was happening. This was the start of Minghui (“clear wisdom”), a news and communications platform dedicated to Falun Dafa.

Every day for the next 23 years, these volunteers have diligently reported on what is happening in the persecution in China. Their unparalleled access to sources in China despite censorship and surveillance has made them a dependable source of information for governments and human rights organizations.

At the same time, Minghui has shared the journeys of tens of thousands who have found renewed health, well-being, and spiritual growth by practicing Falun Dafa. Every personal account is a window into the lives of Dafa practitioners and the values they live by.

And now, through Minghui Publishing, we're excited to bring you these inspiring stories in the form of books, magazines, podcasts, and videos.

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